• Simon

    Who doesn't love food? I'm always on the hunt for exciting new recipes. I love cooking!

  • Christina

    I'm always on the lookout for the next big trend. I love fashion!

  • Tim

    Soccer, basketball, or football, I enjoy playing all type of games with my friends. I love sports!

  • Eva

    A day at the museum is my favorite pastime. I love art!

  • Izzy

    Biology, chemistry or physics, numbers and formulas are my favorite things. I love science!

  • Otito

    Moving around can be goofy or serious, and it let's me be myself. I love dance!

  • Squirrely

    Nothing is more fun than climbing trees and playing outside. I love acorns!

  • Froggy

    What's more relaxing than a nice, cool swim? I love water lilies!

What is our focus?

I Love Me!
  • Spreading Love

    Encouraging our children to show love for others through kindness and acceptance of differences, as well as providing opportunities to put love into action, will help them to develop compassion and consideration for those around them.

  • Building Confidence

    Children who feel capable, effective and accepted are more willing to try new challenges, more able to bounce back after making a mistake, and are set up for success in everything from academics to friendships.

  • Emotional Growth

    Helping our children learn positive ways to manage their emotions equips them with tools to form secure relationships, take responsibility and limit feelings of frustration. 

  • Social Growth

    Teaching our children how to positively interact with others by managing their personal feelings as well as understanding the feelings and needs of others will provide a strong foundation.


This book makes me feel happy and good!

Such a positive message. Mommy and kid approved!

Love and self-confidence, great message!